Reader Reviews
“Dolapo’s story of faith will be an inspiration and encouragement to anyone wondering whether God will step in last minute in their lives. You will be blessed by this book!”
~C. S. Lakin, author and editor

"Interesting.  Full of suspense.  Insightful and downright helpful. Dr. Babalola’s book, “My God: Even in the Last Minute” is a must read for every believer who needs inspiration to trust God in the last minute.  Woven in her own personal experience, the author has successfully presented a God whom you can count on when time seems to have run out and possibility is no longer practical.

The depths of despair and indeed hopelessness when the author faced possible deportation translated to heights of a mixture of joy and faith as she witnessed the faithfulness of God is wonderful to behold. One cannot but breathe sighs of relief with the author at various points in the book as she recounts God’s timely interventions in her journey of faith with God.

Those trusting God, not just in legalizing their stay in the United States, or elsewhere for that matter, and those in various oddities of life who find themselves trapped in difficult situations, if not impossible, will find hope, inspiration, and a renewed faith in the God who is not just above and beyond time, but who can work in spite of it to bring about the miracles He wishes to wrought in the lives of those who dare believe.

This book will enhance your faith in the God of today.  It will help you to remove the blockage that time may present as you too, like the author, journey with the God who works in spite of the limitations of time.  I recommend this book"
~ Dr. Tai Ikomi, Author of Effective Forgiveness
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